Do I really need a digital antenna?

If you have been having some TV reception problems then it is most likely you have been asking yourself the question: Do I really need a digital antenna? Installing a digital antenna will not be the solution to all your reception problems but it will provide an effective solution for many of your reception problems.

So what is wrong with your old antenna? Well quite possibly nothing. Your existing antenna simply may not have kept up with the latest advances in television signals. It doesn’t mean there is something wrong with it – rather it probably isn’t the right tool for the job anymore. Let’s face the truth here. If your television reception is perfect then you would not be asking yourself these sorts of questions.

Of course it is possible that your existing antenna has some sort of damage or just needs realigning with the signal tower. Television antennas can become a little weather beaten. Sometimes a simple clean up of the connections is enough to optimize your signal. Another fix could involve installing a booster on your antenna. However for the average homeowner it is often difficult to identify the cause of the reception problem and you may find it necessary to call in a professional for assistance.

Obviously you will not want to go out and buy a digital antenna just on the hope that it might rectify the problem. Such an investment requires proper planning and proper installation so that you end up with the level of reception you will be happy with for a long period of time. It’s worth taking the time to call in an expert such as one of the team at Brisbane Antennas. A professional repairer will first do a full inspection and rule out any obvious problems. Then they will carry out further diagnostic testing to determine the best solution to your TV reception problem. In many cases the solution will indeed be installing a new digital antenna.

The next step becomes deciding which digital antenna is best for you. There are a lot of different digital antennas out on the market and as you would expect some are better quality than others. So how do you know you are getting good quality? One indicator could be price. Logic says that if something costs more then it is a better product. Right? Not always. It is true that good products tend to be priced higher than their cheaper competitors but price is not the only consideration. One very important factor to consider is your geographic location, in particular your location in relation to the signal your antenna will receive. It is important to choose the type of digital antenna that will optimize the signal your antenna will receive. Most of us just don’t have that knowledge. You could try googling the information but there is nothing like local knowledge of the area to ensure you successfully choose the best antenna for your needs.

A professional digital antenna installer has that knowledge. They are not about to recommend a dodgy product. Their reputation depends on providing high quality products and service so it is highly recommended you take advantage of their expertise. Furthermore by using a professional installer the work will be guaranteed and you will not need to put yourself at risk of injury by climbing up onto the roof to investigate the problem. Just make sure you get a full written quote first and a written warranty.

For new home owners the opportunity is there for you to install a state of the art antenna system which will provide wonderful TV reception for years to come. Some popular high quality brands for you to consider are Nationwide, Electrocraft, Matchmaster and Hills antennas. If you are building a new home then we recommend you pre-wire all you TV antenna connections. It will save you a lot of time and money.

So if after reading this you have decided that you probably do need a new digital antenna give the team at Better Antennas a call. Better Antennas have been servicing Brisbane and the Gold Coast for over 20 years so they certainly have the experience to provide you with the ultimate TV reception.

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