Antenna Installations in Brisbane and Gold Coast

tv antenna installation          If you have a new home and need a new antenna system installed or your current system is not working very well Better Antennas can install a state of the art Antenna system that will guarantee you perfect TV reception for years to come.

tv antenna installationIf your home is a few years old and the reception is terrible you may need a new antenna system.

Sometimes builders use poor quality componentry and antennas in order to save costs at the time of the original build and these systems don’t last very long. In this case you will need a new system that will last you into the future.

Quality Suppliers

Better Antennas only use the Best Quality products available such as:

  • Nationwide Antennas             tv antenna installation


  • Electrocraft                  tv antenna installation


  • Matchmaster Antennas              tv antenna installation
  • Hills Antennas                              tv antenna installation


  • We do not waste our time using poor imitations.       tv antenna installation

Cabling to new houses at lockup stage

When you are building a new home it will save you a lot of time and money if you pre wire your home with your antenna cables.

We can assist you to cable your new home prior to the plaster going onto the walls. At this time we will also talk to you about the rooms that you wish to have cabled throughout the home so that all living areas, bedrooms and bathrooms that require connections are taken care of.

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